Three sustainable materials, three Ecodesign projects

Applying the concept of Ecodesign to three sustainable materials, to three design projects, we have been able to experiment, learn and explain the principles of ecological construction.


Renewable natural material, with a great nobility of behaviour, with a great variety of typologies and finishes, recyclable, reusable, that can be reused, that can be part of both the biological and the technical cycle and has a wide range of economic and ecological advantages.

Ecodesign Awards

The assembly was proposed under the concept of the Tree of Life, as a referential element of Circularity, the tree grows taking food from the earth and its waste is the future nutrients for itself and for many species that live around it. We recover the solid wood of door frames from the rubble of demolition works of houses more than 100 years old, wood with many cases of high quality, both for the type of wood used at the time, as for the state in which they are.

This wood is reused to build the uprights of the different trees, we intervened minimally, planing only two sides to enhance the natural wood and two sides with old paintings and marks of their years of use, contrasting to obtain a very primary and sincere language, to differentiate ourselves from the industrial products on display. We took advantage of the branches to hang the graphic panels with a wooden compass system that allows us to move the panel up and down and adjust it for optimal display.

The objects to be presented are placed inside small trees protected by methacrylate bubbles held with butterflies so that they can be easily opened in case they need to be manipulated. After two years of touring, the assembly will be dismantled and recycled again, using the wood for the biological cycle as wood chips to be burned in the cookers.

Award Catalunya of Ecodisseny 2021, Barcelona

Structural board panels

Innovative, environmentally friendly, sandwich product made of kraff paper on the inside and lined with white paper on the outside. Light, extremely rigid, flat, resistant and ready to be printed, reusable and recyclable within the technical production cycle.

Proposte Crevin

A company with sensitivity for the ecology, commissions us a sustainable assembly to present their products at the Proposte fair in Cernobbio, Italy. We proposed to build the entire assembly with EmmyWall structural cardboard panels as perimeter support for the vertical textile sample panels characteristic of their presentations. These panels are hung to the cardboard structures by means of a Z-shaped folded iron plate. The rear warehouse and the campaign image panels were also made of structural cardboard including the interior shelves.

The whole system is assembled without the need for tools or extra accessories. It is a system made only of milled cardboard and enclosed with a panel made of the same cardboard, which joins the system together. Rigid panels with intelligent solutions to solve all the assembly and assembly needs. These panels travelled to different trade fairs for two years with an optimum result.

Finally, they were recycled in the technical transformation cycle with new products. The advertising campaign was based on the relationship between craftsmanship and industry. We contacted a craftsman who made the espadrilles by hand, Crevin teles were used to make them and the whole process was photographed. A pair of espadrilles was given away as part of the campaign.

Proposte Stand, Crevin

Emmy Wall and Reboard

*The EmmyWall company has developed a patented self-assembly system. With Re-Board panels, without tools or accessories, shipped flat to save on volume, weight, storage and transport.

Recycled plastic

From the selective collection of the yellow container, once the valuable plastics such as PET have been separated. The rest of the material enters again into the technical cycle of melting and compression, under the name of Syntrewood®. A 100% recycled and recyclable material, durable, unalterable, water resistant, maintenance free and with economic advantages.

Kippe litter bins and ashtrays

It is based on the idea of reusing components to manufacture a new litter bin as a selective collection centre that is highly suitable for public spaces and schools. The model contemplates from a single unit to two or a maximum of three. Around a pillar made from the extrusion of plastic from the yellow bin. We join shells of the same material in the shape of a half tile with a roof that covers an iron toroid in the colours blue, yellow and green, second personified, fixed with an elastic band to hold the transparent bags.

The ashtray of the collection is based on the same principle, but inside the stick is placed an iron deposit to store the cigarette butts. This deposit has a lid that at the same time serves to protect the deposit from the rain and to extinguish the cigarette butts.

All this material can be reused and recycled by throwing it back into the yellow container. Entering again into a technical cycle of transformation for the realization of new products.

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Article: Three sustainable materials, three Ecodesign projects

Author: Morgui & Súnico

The creation of new products from natural materials. The recycling of products, the reuse of materials, the research of clean technologies in the production of new objects, commercial events or exhibitions.