50 year Anagrama


The Anagrama birthday were prepared by a small committee made up of Lali Gubern, Anna Maio and Ferran Morgui. The aim was to give a festive, playful character and at the same time to surround the party with Anagrama’s characteristic history and culture.

In the 50th anniversary edition, the number of guests exceeded 500, a very open space was needed where you could enjoy a good catering and above all facilitate the contact between the guests. The Principal was the venue chosen for the celebration of the party, as it had the necessary characteristics such as good location, large space with many different rooms, excellent cuisine and finally a disco to close the event.

The ambience was in all the rooms, personalising each of them with the covers of the collections, a photocall to photograph the guests, a projection with a historical film of the 50 years and a stage with all the current authors for the presentation of the party by Mr. Jorge Herralde, Mrs. Lali Gubern and Mr. Carlo Feltrinelli.

Client: Editorial Anagrama

Project: Event Aniversari 50 anys

Location: El Principal, Barcelona

Year: 2019