Barcelona, Casas Petits


New specialisation and market segmentation, this time towards the youngest members of the family. Located in the Glorias shopping centre.

The premises had an “L” shaped enclosure that was used to make a small shop window from a methacrylate structure in a staggered coloured shape. Transparency because the premises form part of the shopping centre corridor.

Linear shelving with shelves in different coloured methacrylates, with organic display tables. At the back, coloured furniture to break up the linearity of the linear shelves and brand enhancers. On the right, tiles following the marked lines.

The result is an organic, emotional, playful space, open to interaction by children and functional in its use.

Client: Sabateria Casas

Project: Local comercial

Location: Centre Comercial Glòries, Barcelona

Year: 2005