Tokyo designer’s Week SIDI

100x% Design 2007 – “SIDI Spain”

100x% Design 2006 – “Design + Designers”

Containers exhibition 2005 – “Look at me”


Three years on the stage of the “Tokyo Designer’s Week”, three experiences of: presentation, dissemination and marketing.

TDW, an annual design event that took place between 2005 and 2016, at Meiji Jingu Gaien Park in central Tokyo, Japan.

In 2005 we participated in the “Containers exhibition”, with a 40″ container (12 x 2.3 x 2.4 m), under the slogan “Look at me” we presented the product of 40 Spanish companies grouped in 5 areas: Home, Office, Lighting, Textile and Installations. Each area had 3 screens, which were placed behind a wall of spy mirrors to project the content. A continuous bench and at the end, a wall of light with bottles of wine that were offered to visitors accompanied by a Peta-zeta-based Oriol Balaguer bonbon.

During 2006 we participated with a stand in the “100x% Design” tent under the slogan “Design + Designers”, the exhibition was held on continuous polygonal platforms at different heights and the objects were placed on the black and white photo of their designers. At the end there was a wall with a large video world showing designers and entrepreneurs explaining their products. Below this, three computer screens were placed where visitors could establish conversations with the companies and designers.

In 2007 we returned to the “100x% Design” tent with a commercial stand, “SIDI Spain”, where each company had its own space for the presentation of its products and was attended by its staff. The set-up was very transparent, but at the same time with presence. Mirrored pillars of different sizes supported a light structure from which the graphics and lighting were hung.

Client: Sidi (Grouping of Spanish design companies)- ICEX

Project: Branded stands

Location: Meiji Jingu Gaien Park, Tokyo, Japan

Constructor: Yasuro Arai, Confort Planning

Audio visual: Manu Balaguer, La Cofradia

Music: Eduardo Arbide

Chocolates: Oriol Balaguer

Years: 2005-2006-2007