XXXII Delta Awards Call 2007, ADI-FAD


Design of the presentation in the Forum Building in Barcelona by the Swiss architects, Herzog & de Meuron. Spectacular space for an exhibition of products selected for the 32nd Delta Awards 2007, organised by the ADI-FAD Association.

Setting the scene and grouping the different areas of the awards for their visualisation and adapting the space for the presentation of the awards to the winners and the multitudinous final party.

It was an effort on the part of ADI-FAD to organise the awards in the Forum building and a great opportunity to show such a personal space, closed to the public for a long time.

The exhibition was easy to walk through, spaced out, sold illuminated, the product presented could be seen perfectly.

Client: ADI_FAD

Project: XXXII Convocatoria Premios Delta 2007

Location: Edificio Fòrum de Barcelona

Year: 2007