Construmat, Daisalux

Construmat 2001

Construmat 1999

Construmat 1995


Daisalux, a company specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of emergency, beaconing and signalling lamps.

The company commissioned renowned designers such as Josep Lluscà to design new models of emergency lamps. The result was a series of models such as Argos, Hydra, Myra and Iris, which were the forerunners of what emergency lamps looked like. Lluscà gave visibility to invisible lamps. The 95th commission was to create a space with a new language for the presentation of these formally very elaborate models.

The first installation proposed a very technical language based on the use of Alucobonb panels with a natural aluminium finish, which contrasted with and enhanced the technical language in which it was designed. During the 99, we certainly went with a brand stand, where the company and its culture was defining the ambience of the space. White, transversal pillars were suggested, where the different series were presented, leading to a relationship centre with tables and a bar. Expressive functional architecture creating a very recognisable building.

The last installation in 2001, it was recommended to create a colourful building where the products were merged with an optimistic and dynamic atmosphere.

All three installations were designed in a modular format and travelled to international trade fairs. The result is a growing brand perception, with a more and more defined positioning, a competitive market for the big brands in the sector.

Client: Daisalux

Project: Estant fira

Location: Construmat, Barcelona

Years: 1995-1999-2001