Crevin Design Department


To furnish the Design Department of Crevin, a textile company in Terrassa, we designed exclusive furniture that would adapt to the new trends in Active Spaces, mobility, connectivity and wellbeing.

The two main operating tables, textile and graphic design, were designed to be fixed because of the large dimensions required. It was also a way to facilitate the electrical and data connections that had to be made available.

For mobility within the office and the new work environments, auxiliary furniture was created based on modular and mobile trolleys; to organise the large number of panels generated by the textile design department, modular tables to cover different uses, a large screen for presentations and videoconferences, perimeter walls where they could interact with them for meetings and presentations and a perimeter of storage, exhibition and interaction modules for the different work processes.

Client: Crevin

Project: Office refurbishment

Location: Terrassa – Barcelona

Year: 2021