La Rambla, Casas Sabaters


Located in a corner of an old building at the beginning of La Rambla, an emblematic area with a long tradition in the city of Barcelona. Casas proposes a place to cater for the large number of tourists who visit the area and who need a space and a suitable product.

The proposal is to clean the façade of any ornamentation in order to enhance the views of the premises from the outside. The entrance is located at the corner to achieve a diagonal circulation that allows us to have the widest possible view and the ladder is placed frontally at the entrance to access the floor.

Around the perimeter, a black metallic structure is defined as a support for shelves of limestone, uniform and warm, a linear one towards the façade and towards the interior of the premises. In the centre, mobile modular seats are placed in order to respond to the different needs of the users. The upper floor is dedicated to men’s shoes, using the same perimeter display criteria with the seating in the middle of the space.

The result has been a benchmark in the area, with great acceptance by the clientele.

Client: Sabateria Casas

Project: Local comercial

Location: La Rambla, Barcelona

Year: 2008