Terrassa, Club Casas


Newly built premises, located at the entrance to Terrassa, at the beginning of La Rambla. Casas Sabaters has a large number of shoe shops throughout Spain. Club Casas is a new business model, focused exclusively on a young public, with brands and models more suited to the proposed target. The space was a rectangular room with a clean structure, of considerable dimensions with a very open façade on the street. Contemporary, informal and fresh treatment was required.

The façade enclosure was done in a clean way, with large glass panes to avoid visually disturbing profiles and a galvanised metal structure to support the double sliding door. The Club Casas sign was merged with the luminous Casas corporate sign.

The interior was conceptualised with its maximum expression, transparency, installations seen directly to the concrete ceiling, an enclosure of corrugated Plexiglass mato retro illuminated by hanging fluorescents, to define a minimum of storage, perimeter shelving as storage and shelving in the form of scale as shoe displays under the brand umbrella. lo centre luminous podium with wheels to present different collections.

The result was a dynamic, clear, unbiased and functional space, with customers moving freely around the store and being served directly by young, trained staff. Laboratory to define the future Club Casas.

Client: Sabateria Casas

Project: Local comercial

Location: Terrassa, Barcelona

Year: 2008