Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Oken

PMR – Ala

PMR – Cap i cua

PMR – 10 anys

PMR – Lola


The Mies van der Rohe Pavilion was proposed for the presentation of the Lola office management chair designed by Josep Lluscà for Oken.

A chair with a very elaborate form with new incorporations of escumat and aluminium as differentiating elements.
We worked on a very careful presentation campaign to respond to the chair’s high level of sophistication.
The participation of well-known people in the professional world was requested, such as the model Teresa Gimpera, the visual poet and magician Joan Brossa, the architect Oriol Bohigas, the writer Llatzer Mustio and the motorbike racer Sito Ponts. Each of them did a photo session with … and they were exhibited on a light iron structure over the water of the Pavilion’s swimming pool. This structure sank into the water and was supported by a concrete ball that apparently floated on the water.

On the backlit glass wall there were several models of the Lola chair to be looked at and tested, and by the indoor pool, next to the female sculpture, we placed three sculptural podiums with the three representative pieces of the chair, the two organic arms, the backrest and the seat, coexisting and enhancing each other.
From this presentation we returned several times to the Pavilion, to present the Ala bench with photographs by Manel Esclusa, for the Jefa y Cola and finally for the Oken 10th anniversary party with the presentation of the Neko chair by Josep Llusca and photographs by different authors.

Client: Oken

Location: Pavelló Barcelona, Mies Van der Rohe (Barcelona – Spain)

Year: 2004-2008