Retail Denver


Denver is a prestigious network of well-known women’s clothing shops in Barcelona.

It opened a new shop in the Pedralbes Centre shopping centre. This store, of approximately 100m², is characterised by its triangular floor plan and the presence of two large pillars. An open-plan space was created, playing with light and black tones. Light tones on the floor, walls and ceiling, and black in the varnished iron furniture. The protagonist of this collection of metallic furniture is a large shelving unit built from modules that, despite their diversity of sizes, manage to create a unit with a very regular external shape.

The rest of the garment display is situated on the perimeter of the premises and is supported by elements that follow the same criteria of visual lightness, alignment and quality. The column next to the cash desk has been lined in laminated glass with black internal butyral and a backlit photograph of an artistic nude has been used as a timeless ornament.

To illuminate the space, a series of channels have been cut into the ceiling to conceal the technical lighting equipment controlled by a scene manager.

Client: Denver – Cloth Brand

Collaboration: André Brito (Artistic Photographer)

Location: Pedralbes Center – Les Corts de Sarrià, Barcelona

Year: 2009