Spaces for the Brand Culture

Active Spaces adapt and enhance the different demands of their users, taking into account social and neighborhood aspects, thinking and execution, sharing knowledge and learning, solving problems and optimizing resources.

The new spaces enrich the Organizational Culture and collaborate to activate the value of the Brand.

Made the difference…

… what are the new values ​​of your organization?

We propose an exercise to identify what could be the inspirational values ​​for the future of the organization. Use two different colors to visualize, what we have to leave behind and what we take as new.

Spaces for Values…

… of the new organizations of the future.

Values ​​linked to each organization, which come from their people, needs and aspirations. Active Spaces are the backbone that facilitates the incorporation of people to the new Brand Culture and connect with the new environment.

Active Spaces…

… the tool to face new challenges.


Create an ecosystem of spaces, adapt the environments to the new objectives of the organization and attend to emotional, cognitive and physical needs that provide well-being and facilitate new work both individually and collectively.


Space, along with pedagogy and technology, is a key aspect that shapes active learning. All the spaces in the building contribute to the Culture of Learning, including also the outdoor spaces, events and exhibitions.


The large number of initiatives for innovation have in common, putting the growth of people at the center. The spaces must be open and flexible, individual and collaborative, transparent and that facilitate the meeting.


The ephemeral spaces concentrate all the value and the Brand Culture.

Spaces are key to presenting new products or services in an effective way and enjoying the excitement of meeting customers and users.

They must be a human experience capable of moving and communicating.

Scientific organization
Collaborative economy
Ágile Movement

“Design, tool for new challenges.”


… implantation scheme.

We understand in a circular and inspiring way the implementation of Active Spaces, within a creative organization.

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